A blog about 3 months of adventures in Japan

Day 30 - Friend From Fukuoka!


I convinced my friend to come visit me in Osaka from Fukuoka. :)  Even though it was like an hour by plane~ Thanks Masashi~!!

So after class I went to pick him up at the airport.  This was the first time meeting in person but we’d been talking online for a year.  I escorted him to his hotel room and we hung out the rest of the night. :)

Day 29 - Nope Again.


Nothing happened again.
Except I got a warning letter not to miss anymore class. lol oops

Day 27 - Oops I Missed Class


I just decided I wasn’t getting out of bed today and just skipped all my classes.  But still ended up going to campus afterwards to do homework and meet up with my friend.  Afterwards we stopped by the suupaa to get some stuff to make dinner (mmmm curry rice, inari, and salad). 

Then I went home and did homework.

Then I managed to convince my friend Nobu in Wakayama to come visit me because I was really bored.  Good times. :)

Day 26 - Tardies


I managed to be late for every class today so that was kind of special.  I blame my friend Yuuki because he kidnapped me during lunch to exchange contact info when I was already running late.  Oh well~

Day 25 - Hi I Like Sleeping


Legit nothing interesting here.  I went to bed at 8 am after getting back from the club and legit got out of bed at 9 pm.  I was verruh sleepy.

Day 24 - SADIE live and More Clubbing


Tumblr deleted my post so this will be a lot shorter than it originally was.
I woke up hungover for my concert today.  Sasuga Ciara.  It was also my roommate’s birthday so after spending like 2 hours trying to sober up and get ready for the concert at 4 I said happy day of your birth and peaced out.

Got to Osaka BIG CAT in time to jump in line and get into the hall after meeting up with my friends.  Bought a tour shirt.  It was a mens’ small and it fit.  Go figure.  We started out at the back of the crowd since there were so many people and by the end of the show we were essentially up front (2-3 rows away from the front bar). I was surprised how similar it was to an American show. I headbanged so hard and got knocked off my feet and had my face scratched when I caught Mao’s bottle.  Silly little Japanese girl. :|

Aki’s insistant staring made me pregnant I swear.  That stare is potent.  Plus it helps it was just me and my friend as the only two American blondes in the audience.  Hellooooo constant attention.  They were all so cute though.  Mizuki had too much swag and Tsurugi had too much cute.  I didn’t see much of Kei really - unfortunately.  It was a great experience though as my first tour final~~

After that we went and got ramen for dinner (after running to the bathroom to fix the makeup that melted down my face).  Then went to meet up with my roommate and a bunch of friends in Shinsaibashi to go back to PURE for nomihodai and clubbing~

When we got there it was relatively empty but filled up quick with drunk people and overly curious Japanese guys.  I was the only white girl in the club that night and it was an interesting experience.  Met up with guys I met last time I was there, met new ones, got some numbers, and got picked up bridal style by some random guy and carried around the club like nbd.  Once again we called it a night at 5 am when they chased us out onto the already sunlight filled streets.  Got curry with my roommate then headed home and slept forever.

Day 23 - Happy Fridays


Continuing on the the tradition of my study abroad program host school’s students traditions - every Friday there is a party at a certain house where we just eat and then get drunk and do dumb things.  Like draw pianos on people’s chests apparently. lol

This week was rough in terms of school. I had a presentation on a paper I wrote today and I basically just winged the entire thing and I guess it showed.  Too many “eto”s and “ano”s.  Oh well~ Oh yeah, I also overslept today.  On a presentation day.  Glad to see my habits haven’t changed with my location. lol

Once class was over it was like everyone suddenly got an extra burst of energy and was so full of life.  We went shopping at the local market to get stuff since we planned to eat tacos that night.  Everyone was like a giggling bunch of school kids.

We decided to cook at the Happy Fridays house but it ended up not working out since they had bought a bunch of pizza.  Instead we just stole their pizza and got really drunk on tequila.  I had a fun time teaching the Japanese students how to take a real tequila shot.  Got crazy real quick. I think I was drunk before 9 pm…  Oops. lol Then I went home, attempted to drink water to sober up, but ended up just passing out.

Day 22 - A Day Where…


Something probably happened but I can’t remember so it probably wasn’t all that exciting anyway.  Besides from class…Pretty sure I just came home and did nothing.  Yep.Moving on…

Stumbled across this beautiful set while exploring shops in Umeda.アンド BLAZE PV costumes

Stumbled across this beautiful set while exploring shops in Umeda.
アンド BLAZE PV costumes